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Representing Orange County HOA Boards, HOAs, Communities, ManagersFeldsott, Lee & Nichter has provided sound advice and legal representation for HOA directors, boards and community managers in California for more than 50 years.  We understand the heavy burden of responsibility associated with serving on an HOA Board, or as community managers.  HOA personnel and managers owe a fiduciary duty to their HOA and the homeowners and communities they serve.  Their decisions and actions directly affect, protect and/or enhance the value of the properties governed by the common interest development.  This results in a substantial need for ongoing education, advice, counsel and legal representation from time to time.

Our founders are focused upon legal services, advice and education for those who serve as officers or directors of HOA boards as well as community managers.  Based in Orange County California, Feldsott & Lee is a proven law firm for California HOAs and management companies which has helped to shape the governance and compliance of common interest developments for decades.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

Representing HOA Boards Directors Managers in Orange County CAThere is an old saying: “The best defense is a good offense.”  In the context of serving as HOA directors, boards and community managers this might be rephrased to suggest “the best way to manage your legal responsibilities and liabilities as an HOA board member or manager is to prevent a legal problem or issue before it ever arises.”

The best strategy to prevent any legal issue from arising is to clearly understand your role and responsibilities, the essence of HOA laws such as the Davis-Sterling Act, the Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Development (CID) Act and all legal statutes and regulatory requirements which govern a common interest development or Homeowners Association in California.

You need a strategy of continuing education which helps you to understand the legal duties and responsibilities of your position and how to serve your organization within the requirements of your community, governing documents such as CC&Rs and California law.

Our clients take their roles and responsibilities seriously.  Feldsott, Lee & Nichter provides the education and counsel required to help HOA directors, boards and community managers to make sound, informed decisions.  We help our clients to answer questions, identify potential issues and diffuse situations before they develop into genuine legal issues.  If a potential legal risk arises we provide sound counsel and legal representation to resolve the challenge at hand and protect the interests of our clients and the common interest development they serve.

Feldsott, Lee & Nichter can work with HOA directors, boards and community managers individually or in the context of our work as legal counsel for the management company or HOA itself..

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