CC&R Enforcement

How Does An HOA Enforce CC&Rs?

The operations of your homeowners association are based on the covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs, of your community. Below is a breakdown on each:

  • Covenants: Promises on the part of all members
  • Conditions: Conditions to membership in good standing
  • Restrictions: Rules about property use

CC&R enforcement is a key part of an HOA’s responsibility to its members. The board of directors has both a contractual and fiduciary duty to enforce the CC&Rs. But how does a board gain compliance, while protecting itself from potential claims from violating owners or impacted members. The board must adopt policies and procedures to enforce the governing documents in a uniform manner that complies with the law and treats all homeowners fairly, and must further make and document enforcement decisions in a manner which elicits and preserves the protections of the business judgment rule. For effective enforcement and for the well-being of your community, it is best to consult with the experienced lawyers at our firm in Southern California.

Committed To Educating Homeowners Associations

CC&R Enforcement Attorneys Orange County CAOur attorneys draw on their extensive experience litigation enforcement action to provide your board with the tools and guidance it needs to effectively address violation matters.  We keep you informed of all updates and developments in appropriate Real Estate and HOA laws and associated cases.

Knowledge is power.  Our firm offers educational seminars on HOA enforcement for those leading your community. We believe boards with this legal knowledge are doing their best to protect their members and reduce the risk of a costly lawsuit.

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