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Representing an Orange County Homeowner in an HOA Dispute

Orange County HOA AttorneyAre you a homeowner who lives within a California common interest development, community or subdivision which is governed by an HOA?  Are you having a challenge or concerned about the potential for a legal dispute with your HOA?  Are you searching for experienced, proven attorneys with decades of experience representing an Orange County homeowner in an HOA dispute?

Feldsott, Lee & Nichter has provided sound advice and legal representation for California homeowners in HOA related issues for decades.  We understand the challenges and restrictions associated with Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions or CC&Rs.  If you live in a community with CC&Rs it is your responsibility to understand these limitations and terms prior to acquiring your home.  Once you have purchased the home, it is generally the responsibility of a homeowner to abide by the terms of the CC&Rs.

However, there are cases where an HOA director, board or management company have either misinterpreted the CC&Rs, exercised poor judgment or taken over-zealous actions which are not in your interests.  We have more than 50 years of experience representing an Orange County homeowner in an HOA dispute. The attorneys of Feldsott, Lee & Nichter provide sound advice and counsel and work to resolve the issue(s) at hand while protecting your rights and best interests.

You Have the Right to Dispute the Actions of an HOA or Management Company

Orange County HOA LawyersIt is a fact that California HOAs and community managers have broad powers such as:

  • Requiring you to remove hazards or repair your property
  • Limit your ability to choose a specific paint color or install a specific type of fence
  • Collect fees and assessments
  • Place a lien against your property for unpaid fees or assessments
  • Enforce the CC&Rs and the rights of the HOA under California Law

However, they do not have the power or authority to make unjust, discriminatory or arbitrary decisions or impose required actions or financial burden based upon disagreements, personality conflicts or based upon their mood on a given day.

There are many legal options and recommendations our attorneys can provide when representing an Orange County homeowner in an HOA dispute.   There are often timely and cost-effective remedies such as contesting a ruling or financial levy under the rules of the CC&Rs and/or the laws of the State of California while seeking to negotiate a resolution or an exception in your case.

Do you have to pay the fine or fees or make assigned repairs before taking legal action to recover your expenses?  Has the HOA representative, board member, board or management company exceeded their legal rights and responsibilities?  Are there actions you can take prior to filing a legal complaint or lawsuit which may either resolve the issue at hand or show the Court you’ve made every reasonable attempt to resolve the challenge before approaching the Court?

If you are facing challenge or concerned about the potential for a legal dispute with your HOA you need the advice and counsel of the experienced Orange County HOA attorneys at Feldsott, Lee & Nichter.

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